No smoke from my shisha: What next?


Sorry for the delay in publishing very enriching blogs. I have been busy visiting and recommending some favourable bars and lounges, forgetting that I have to feed you all with some information valuable to give you the best shisha smoke of your lifetime. My badL

The good news is I now have better insights as I took out time to visit popular and emerging shisha lounges across the UK. As a matter of fact, I was present for the opening of Vapour Lounge. Check out their page Vapour Shisha Lounge

On with the show.

We all know shisha smoking is a very recreational activity especially when you are able to blow out monster clouds and bubbles. What if in the course of having a smoke, you get frail and flavourless smoke?

Personally, if that happened to me, I am going to bail out. LOLJ. To solve this problem, I’ve identified a few potential reasons that might have prompted this mix-up.

Your hookah might be leaking

Most of you will ignore this – it is understandable because we sometimes are in a hurry to get the ecstasy of the shisha experience. Check your shisha tube for any leaks. You will always get thin smoke if air is penetrating into your shisha. This is because:

  1. Fresh air is mixing up with the array and weakening the smoke.
  2. Because air has penetrated, there isn’t any heat to warm up the coals that produce the smoke.

Double-check your heat

This actually has to be the 1st reason. If there’s no heat, how do you expect to get smoke? (Some of you have your heads down now). The amount of coal you use will depend on the size of your bowl. For instance a single lemon coal won’t be enough heat unless you are using a tiny bowl. Modern-styled tobaccos produce heat easily so all you need is the appropriate amount of coal. 2 pieces of coal should be enough to give you an excellent smoke.

How old is your shisha and tobacco?

This is pretty obvious – the older your shisha/tobacco, the less smoke it exhales. If you’re still using the same shisha your parents used then it’s high time you do some retailers some good – check online for some good deals on shisha tubes and fresh tobacco.

In summary, if you have a modern shisha with the appropriate amount of coal, then you are set to go. Enjoy your smoke and stay tuned as I will be releasing more blogs regularly.