Mia Lounge – London

Hello folks. Huge apologies for not releasing any useful blogs or news in the previous weeks. I know this is becoming more of a trend or rather ‘excuse’, but I honestly have been shopping around for Shisha hot spots in town. The positives are I get to recommend suitable lounges where necessary.

By starring at the title of this blog above, some of you must be wondering what I have to say about the lounge. First of all, I would start by saying that so far, in my experience of shopping around for ‘perfect’ shisha lounges, Mia Lounge has left me bewildered. If one word is needed to describe this lounge then that word must be ‘breath-taking’.

After severe delays on the Jubilee line to Swiss Cottage station, the frustration of the moans and groans of the other tube commuters began to eat me up. However, my passion for shisha had a leading edge over the unfortunate tube delays. The determination was ever-present and I hung on. The only worrying factor was the fear of losing my reserved table.

Here I was, out of Swiss Cottage. The Avenue Road exit takes you right to the portico of Mia Lounge. I honestly walked past the lounge’s entrance because the entrance to the lounge is similar to that of a 4-star hotel. Stepping foot into Mia Lounge for the first time is certainly the one thing that would forever stick in my mind.

If there is one attribute associated with Mia Shisha Lounge then it’s the fact that it certainly has the ‘wow’ factor. Situated in the heart of Swiss Cottage, surrounded by a vast field and 3-star apartments, Mia Lounge definitely did itself a lot of good in terms of location.

It encompasses a restaurant, spaced-out hall in the balcony and an exterior shisha smoking section. Unsurprisingly, I headed straight for the shisha smoking area, but the fact that I had to walk through the restaurant left me wondering why I couldn’t stop for a quick meal. There’s always a Next Time, nonetheless.

Seated on my reserved table, all I could think about was I was a local of Swiss Cottage. Right behind the lounge is a mass of field ground. I reckon once we start seeing more of the sun, we’ll have to wait on queues for seats in the lounge. To my amazement, the lounge was full of several enthusiastic shisha smokers. I’m talking about a Thursday evening at around 7pm.

With a variety of shisha flavours to choose from, I had to settle for the one I was familiar with – (Yas, include the flavour you took). Interestingly, Mia Lounge offers a lot of custom-made flavours i.e either a mixture of well-known flavours or ‘exclusives’. Anyone who has visited Mia Lounge can testify that the hookah is very clean and arousing.

There I was – a perfect lounge, a stimulating crowd and environment, accompanying music and a well-flavoured hookah. At this point, there are three things one needs to do –sit back, relax and live the moment.

Mia lounge boasts a hall suitable for weddings, anniversaries and other ceremonies and why not for shisha hire. I was granted the opportunity to have a look at their backroom kitchen and it was amazing to see how the shisha is prepared from scratch.

Enough said about Mia Lounge. You simply need to visit this lounge on your next Shisha outing trip.