Shisha Pens

celebs doing eshish

You may of heard the term Shisha Pen around for a while now, well this new product has taken the Shisha smoking market by storm.

Smoking shisha has become one of the hippest things to do amoung the fashionable crowd in the UK and the health implications of the traditional method of smoking flavored tobacco through a water pipe that originates the middle easted has been questioned , and this has lead to a boom in the sales of Shisha Pens.

Shisha Pens what are they

Shisha pens are electrically manufactured devices that stimulate the act of smoking a traditional Shisha. It produces vapour with a particular flavour without Nicotine.  Importantly without carbon monoxide, tar or tobacco.

Shisha Pens come in various shapes and sizes and consists of, a liquid cartridge, heating element and a battery.

Shisha Pens or alternately known as e-shisha pens come in either rechargeable or disposable packs.

The Shisha Pen market is booming with a number of flavours and brands available. It is particular popular with celebrities with the likes of Premiership footballers and the cast from TOWIE regular smokers.

So what are you waiting for get yours today!!

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