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Shisha Lounge Murals

I love it when Shisha Lounges get creative, I came across these beautiful murals from a Lounge in the UK. Incredible  

My Favorite Shisha Lounges for Couples

Over the years I have visited many Shisha Lounges and as I have got older what I look out for in Shisha Lounges has changed. If you are anything like me, a hardworking creative professional you are probably looking for a Shisha Lounge where you can take a loved one, Learn More

Flavour Box

Quirky Shisha Lounges – We Love Them!

ShishaLovers prides it self from standing out from the crowd, being unique and go against the mainstream Shisha bar trends. This is why ShishaLovers loves “Quirky” shisha bars. So what makes a quirky Shisha Lounge? Being unique This month Shisha Lovers teamed up with Zeyara Shisha lounge in Woodford to Learn More