Shisha Guide in 10 easy steps

Ever wanted to know how to make the perfect Shisha?, Well here is a guide that tells you how to in 10 easy to read steps.

Step 1 – Place the flavour in the shisha head and fill to the top, ensure you mix the quantities accurately.

Step 2 –  Remove the flavour into a piece of tissue paper and press out the liquid but ensure it doesn’t get too dry

Step 3 – Place the Flavour on a chopping board and cut the flavour into medium size pieces with a pair of scissors

step 4 – Mix the flavour together and  sprinkle it into the head of the shisha and fill to the top

Step 5 – Use a toothpick to distribute the flavour in the head accurately and creating air pockets

Step 6 – Cut two pieces of foil and place this on the head shiny side down

Step 7 – Use a toothpick to make holes in the top of the foil and distribute these evenly

Step 8 – Heat 1 & 1/2 pieces of coal and place this on the end of the shisha head

Step 9 – Place the head on the top of the Shisha Base

Step 10 – Fire it up.

This is the system I use and it works perfectly any time, Good Luck!

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