Havanas shisha lounge

The Shisha Lounge

All the latest flavours carefully crafted by hands full of experience, I visited Havanas when i was in London this year and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered a new combination (Frozen apple & raspberry – Highly recommended!!). The smoke was smooth and did not burn out. The staff were polite and despite the subzero temperatures outside the lounge was warm and welcoming.

The Shisha lounge environment

Good heating, comfortable seating and a nicely enclosed garden ensure you are relaxed. Music adds to the atmosphere but not overpowering so you can still have a chat with your loved one.

The service

The service was quick and professional, a smelly shisha menu at the counter helps customers decide what flavour is good for them which is a nice personal touch.

Cutting edge Shisha equipment

It was great to see the team using the new enclosed head Shishas, i have one of these at home and this shows the team know their Shisha – delivering a great smoking experience time after time.

History and creativity sets Havana’s apart

Competition for lounges is fierce, Havana’s was one of the first lounges to launch and their experience ensures you get a great smoking experience. As you enter the lounge from the side a large mural marks the spot and the creativity from beginning to end is beautiful to see.

@havanashisha_ London, loving the creativity here team…

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Fun with friends

A carefully hidden away seating aera, hides a PS4 with dedicated screen so the sports lovers to have a 1 on 1 match. This makes the lounge feel welcoming and a place just like home.

Find Havana’s Shisha Lounge

Location: 207 Lower Claption Rd, London E5 8EG