Syon restaurant and shisha lounge

Prepare to be blown away by Syon restaurant and shisha lounge, undoubtedly the most spectacular lounge around – the creators of Beirut nights have lived up to their commitment of talking the Shisha experience to the next level.

Want peace and tranquillity in London, looking for a sophisticated night out with some close friends or a loved one then this has the be on your hit list.

We are very excited to see the Shisha culture is not dead and the owners of Beirut night have finally added to their portfolio of lounges and filled a gap in the market with an exclusive shisha lounge fit for any celebrity.

The best shisha and sushi

It’s always the least likely combinations that hit the mark and an original Susi menu created by chef Julieusz Diasz and an dynamic range of Shisha from the middle east sets Syon lounge apart.

The Celebs

If it good enough for the celebs? a popular destination for premier league footballers, professional boxers alike, there is something for everyone at the Syon restaurant and lounge.

Good news spreads fast and this definitely is the case with Syon.

Smokers paradise

Syon lounge provides an excellent smokers experience for both shisha and cigar smokers, only serving premium quality products. A unique range of flavours and cigars from around the world ensures a true smoker does not leave disappointed.

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How to find Syon lounge

Location: Syon Park Hilton Park Road, Brentford, TW8 8JF
Tel: 07877 777798​