A Middle Eastern hookah bar just off Campo de’ Fiori, Sciam is a peaceful haven in the midst of chaos. Sensual Syrian music, the sweet smells of flavored hookah tobacco, and an exotic décor intermingle to create the perfect environment for both relaxed and lively conversation. Divided into various levels and nooks, the long, wide lounge features exposed ancient Roman arches, Persian tapestries, and jeweled Turkish lamps in every color imaginable. Although Arabic is the dominant language, that doesn’t seem to pose a problem for the lounge’s eclectic clientele – here it’s common to find Middle Eastern regulars and young French, Spanish, and Italian patrons sprawled on woven pillows around inlaid wood tables, sharing the decadent atmosphere and enjoying the occasional belly dancing. The bar may not serve alcohol – try Syrian teas, Turkish coffee, and flavored tobacco instead – but in a city not known for its diversity, Sciam provides a welcome escape from the typical Italian nightlife.