Shisha Tobacco – A quick guide on Shisha flavors

Do you have shisha pipe?

Are you a regular smoker?

Are you tired of smoking the same shisha flavor’s day in day out?

Here is a quick guide on, selecting the prefect brand and flavor of tobacco to suit your pallet.
There are a number of brands on the market and the top three include:

Al fakher – This is the most well known shisha tobacco brand and served in lounges and bars throughout the world the world.  Smokers tend to combine different flavors of tobacco to create different combinations.

Starbuzz – Starbuzz tobacco has been around for a while and remains a popular flavor with blue mist topping the list of the most wanted.

Fantasia – The new kid on the block, many of London’s premium lounges are beginning to stock Fantasia. There are a number of modern flavors available that bring classic tastes to life

Now you know about the brands, here is a list of the best shisha flavors around:

Al Fakher – Shisha Tobacco

Grape & Mint

Orange & Mint

Watermelon and Mint

Berry, Grape and Orange
Orange Grape and Mint
Pomegranate and Mint
Peach and Mint

Double Apple
Double apple and Mint
Orange, Mint and Kiwi
Starbuzz Blue Mist
Fantasia- Shisha Tobacco
Pink Lemonade
After Eight
Passion Fruit
Triple Berry
Pirates Cave
Citrus Mist
Starbuzz  – Shisha tobacco
Starbuzz Wild Mint
Starbuzz Strawberry Margarita –
Starbuzz White Peach –
Starbuzz Coco Jumbo –
Starbuzz Safari Melon Dew –
Starbuzz Melon Blue –
Starbuzz Code 69 –
Starbuzz Sex on the Beach –
Starbuzz Pirate’s Cave:
Starbuzz Blue Mist

Ok so now you have picked your shisha flavor, you need to start preparing your shisha.

Here is a quick guide on how to make the prefect shisha.
What you need:

A funnel Bowl – It is very important you use a funnel bowl similar to the following –funnel bowl
Shisha and pipe
Shisha tobacco

COCO Blaze coals

Video Guide

View this great guide on how to make shisha: view video
Are you already an experienced shisha maker, why not try and make you own bowl, with

Apple: view video
Pineapple: view video
Orange: View Videos
Water melons: view video

Are you interested in purchasing Shisha Flavours – send us a request of what you are looking for and one of our experienced sales consultants will give you an instant quote.

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